The UnifiedM philosophy and methodology will work with stunning results and gains for Consumer Brands and B2B Businesses with appropriate variations.

Business to Business
B2B businesses have smaller customer audiences and need stronger focus and relevance. B2B marketing and brand building also needs extensive personalisation and detailed content, many times technical and specialised. B2B mandates the named customer, someone who you know is a user of the product and who has specific applications and needs for the product or service. B2B marketing is specialised and is today a no-brainer for digital marketing. UnifiedM prides itself on the use of automation, technology, interactive interfaces and community management for B2B businesses. We also integrate digital marketing with events and real-world campaigns for higher returns and more lasting benefits.

Consumer brands are expanding their budgets on the digital medium, while cutting back on advertising and promotions. The interactive, always-on, live, 24x7, engaging internet provides a compelling opportunity for brands to directly engage with their customers, build loyalty and draw real-time market feedback. Good technology, databases and automation can create personalised interaction and engagement with a brand community that is global and millions strong and these can become strong differentiators for brands in their battle for mindshare. UnifiedM's team is passionate about the use of digital marketing and technology for brands. We believe digital marketing can deliver substantially higher returns on investment for brands and can power themselves. While harmonising and integrating with real-world campaigns, UnifiedM works on creative and innovative ways to engage and inspire our brand communities on digital.

We thank our clients who have taken a pioneering initiative in the adoption and support of the UnifiedM method.