Our Culture
We are unique and we deliver. We realise that long-term success is about building enduring client relationships based on integrity, trust and achievement. Our team is focused on delivering positive returns on all our clients' marketing investments ('self funding') and adding incremental value to their businesses. Our aim is to achieve or exceed client objectives and expectations. We practice openness and transparency with our customers and across all areas of the organization. We believe in call of duty from every member of our team and we demand results from everyone in the team. We believe that excellence is a journey and not a destination. In short, the UnifiedM culture is all about building excellence- and providing our team members what they need in order to contribute to success.

UnifiedM has a team (in London and Bangalore) where you have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally through collaborating with global team members. And, your career can take you to work on different brands, on different levels.

Apart from our marketing methodology, technology and infrastructure, at UnifiedM we also have the employees that drive our success; the commitment and passion of 25 people working here. Read on to find out more about the key members of our Leadership Team and Engagement Team who help to drive UnifiedM's success.

 Executive Leadership Team