Frequently Asked Qustions

1. How will it make me money?
Whether you have a B2B or a B2C business, we can generate leads, create new lucrative online relationships as well as making the most out of existing ones, direct more traffic to your online Point of Sale, and so much more. By working with you to define the results you want to see, we can make them happen.

2. How long will it take to see the results from the UnifiedM Methodology?
The UnifiedM team will work with you define the results you want to see, and when you want to see them. Our processes and methodologies are set up to meet the requirements of a growing business, which are based on creating definable goals that are tied to the business results you want to see. For example, if you wanted to increase web traffic to your website by 10% in the next 3 months, we would work with you to make that result a reality.

3. How would UnifiedM approach help in reducing my overall marketing spend?
Currently, your marketing spend has to take into consideration resource, technology, training and time for the staff you have to employed, not to mention the marketing activities they engage in (publications, graphic design, etc etc). Imagine if you could free up those staff members to be creating and implementing marketing strategies that directly grow your business? With UnifiedM, you have a team of people that are experts in the field of Digital Marketing, and who have the latest technology available to work with. For less than the price of a member of staff, you are getting a whole team of experts who's sole aim to to grow your business, using Digital Marketing.

4. Why should I choose the Unifiedm methodology?
UnifiedM's key ideology is that by unifying the goals and objectives of your business, and amplifying those goals and objectives in the digital world, your business will grow. We will also unify the other marketing channels you have, with both internal and external companies, so that all your marketing messages are consistent and on point. We believe that clear, effective, target based communication, both internally and externally, are the key to success. Other Digital Agencies will offer you SEO, or email marketing, etc for a specific purpose and will be reluctant to liaise with the other companies you work with; at UnifiedM, we are different. We will unify your digital marketing towards a target you decide on and create a strategy with you and your collaborators to make it happen.

5. How would the UnifiedM approach help in establishing my Brand Identity?
We will establish a synergy across your various marketing channels putting digital channel at the centre. This allows us to not only maintain consistency in your messaging, but, this also allows us to make sure we can strategically place each section of your marketing so that they are all moving in the same direction, and working together to benefit your business.

6. How to measure my result through UnifiedM?
Please refer to Question No. 2