Today's business environment is more competitive than ever. Success demands a compelling range of services or products, high levels of professional expertise and customer service and an ongoing investment in your marketing, communications and client relationship management programmes.

Our research suggests that many growing companies have marketing weaknesses which prevent them from realising their full growth potential. These weakesses often include;
  • Limited in-house marketing resources or expertise
  • Lack of a strategic approach and focus to their marketing
  • Limited marketing budget, often mistakenly seen as a cost rather than an investment
  • Lack of belief in the imp ortance and value of effective marketing
  • Inadequate marketing planning and execution, where certain activities are not adequately supported across other marketing channels
  • No digital marketing strategy to link with traditional offline marketing activities
  • A one dimensional or brochure website which falls well short of its potential value
Our firm belief is that effective marketing in today's digital age requires commitment, investment and recognition that it is an essential growth driver for any business. But to have the maximum impact marketing needs to be multi-disciplined, cross-channel and have a strategic and key messaging focus. UnifiedM was created to answer this call.