UnifiedM takes a top down strategic approach to marketing but it places the digital channel firmly at the centre of the strategy. There is a compelling reason for our approach.

People and businesses use the digital channel in a number of ways - to search for information, make comparisons, educate themselves, monitor competitors, search for prospects, promote their services, engage in dialogue, buy services, build relationships and communicate their advocacy for a product or service.

Digital is a dynamic medium that offers flexibility, quick response times, analytical metrics and the opportunity to source prospects and take them all the way through the client value chain.

Today, most offline marketing ultimately links back into the digital world. Offline has almost become peripheral at times - a traditional channel for pulling prospects and clients into the digital sphere where a deeper engagement is possible. This is why digital activity needs to be well co-ordinated with any offline marketing in order to achieve the best results.

Conversion Cube
The Digital Conversion Cube is a UnifiedM concept that illustrates how a mix of co-ordinated digital marketing techniques can be used to raise awareness and engage interest in a brand or offer, and then draw that prospect into deeper levels of engagement within the digital channel.

Our conversion cube suggests that the digital channel has the capability to attract prospects and then take them through a "conversion journey" towards becoming clients. This is achieved through using a variety of digital marketing techniques to hold their interest and shape positive perceptions that draw them into deeper levels of engagement and interaction with a brand.

People and businesses respond more positively to repetition of compelling messages, especially when different touchpoints are used in combination. Find them, engage their interest and draw them into your cube - it is the "conversion zone" where you can move them up the value chain.