June 04, 2013

Facebook's new account verification system: A new way to get rid of Imposters

While Facebook is the No. 1 Social Media site with nearly 1 billion users yet there are about 83 million Facebook accounts that are fake. You never know, some imposter might have created a fake account in your name and would probably be using it. This is especially problematic for Celebrities who is always the first target for imposters.
Facebook Verified Account

Facebook is now following the footsteps of Twitter to differentiate the authentic account from fake accounts. When you do a Facebook search for the name "Justin Bieber" several pages shows up - this includes the original page and the page created by imposters. The same is valid for personal accounts. But what differentiates this from authentic accounts is the "verified" badge -Verification
Facebook Verified Account

While at the present moment the verified account comes on top in the search result along with the verified badge, Facebook is working with high end security experts to find a way to completely closedown the imposters' facebook accounts. This would help especially in the individual account search. For instance, if one searches for an individual then the verified account will show up first. In Branding Standpoint this is a BIG plus. This gives a Brand (of course a personal Brand) a better "identity" and "authenticity".

However, Facebook offers this service only for Public Figures and Celebrities. Let us wait and see if they roll out the feature for individuals as well as there are several individual accounts that are being targeted by imposters and stalkers.

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