June 07, 2013

How Digital Marketing Agencies in London are more successful?

In today's Digital world there is no "Numero Uno". Anybody can be successful in the Digital Marketing sphere. But there are certain subtle things that differentiate a good Digital Marketing agency from a successful Digital Marketing agency.

There is a difference between the Digital Marketing agencies in London and elsewhere. This difference is not in terms of money, skill set or culture but in terms of executing the futuristic ideas, value, Technology and positioning the Brand image of these agencies in the minds of the brand owners. Let us consider some of the factors that make these Digital Marketing Agencies successful...

  1. Geographic location - For every successful Marketing agency the geographical location plays a very vital role in terms of following factors
    • Accessibility:The importance of Accessibility is "Communication". Communication is the life blood between the brand owners and Digital Marketing Agency, when there is a free flow of communication happens the campaign will be more successful. Due to Globalisation, there are diverse businesses / brands that exist just in London. It reduces the transportation time and provides quick access to resources for the customers. It also gives an opportunity for customers to visit an Agency office which offers better connection with the customer.
    • Availability: Because there are several Agencies available to choose from in London, Brands will have more options to choose from depending upon their requirements and budget.
  2. Demography - The diversity in culture, skillsets, age, and ethnicity is another factor. London is a Cosmopolitan city with people from 110 different countries living across the city. A Digital Marketing team in London is more likely to be diverse with people from different parts of the world in one team. This would more likely to have a great influence in winning customers because diverse culture brings in diverse ideas whilst at work.
  3. Services / Brands - Services / Brands are another factor that influences the success of a Digital Marketing Agency in London.
    • Customer Oriented: When the Agencies are Customer Oriented whilst providing the service they can sustain in the London market. In London and in rest of UK customer expect the best service by being a customer voice. So, it becomes a very important parameter to think and act as a customer voice.
    • Result Oriented: Another factor that differentiates an average digital agency from a best agency is that they propagate the message to the targeted audience. Their efforts will have a direct impact on the ROI. This is what makes them successful.
  4. Approach / Strategies - Apart from the various factors mentioned above, there are few "rituals" the Best Digital Marketing Agencies in London practice on a daily basis. Here are few...
    • Innovative & Creative ideas: Best Digital Marketing Agencies never stop innovating and coming up with new ideas. They keep their team vibrant and happy enough to be good at generating ideas. They are flexible enough to adopt themselves for the new challenge which leads to the new idea generation.
    • New Challenges: London is a City of opportunities. With opportunities come the new challenges as well. When there is a new challenge they are open enough to accept and act on it according to the present trends and Technology so that which keeps them technical and creatively up breast. So, when an agency constantly seeks new challenges it helps them in staying competitive.
    • Research: Successful agencies would do their research and keep themselves up to date in the market. When they get campaign they do proper research regarding present Technology and taste and preference of the audience.
    • Multitasking: A strong Digital agency is something that has people with multiple skillsets i.e., one employee would do diverse job from specified task. It's must to know the each other language (skills) to co-ordinate accordingly and deliver the expected result.
  5. Success rate - The success rate is meant to be high when a Brand reaches the targeted audience in a short span of time. Here are few things a successful Digital agency in London do to get high success rate...
    - They Identify the value proposition clearly (clarity in knowing what the customers want)
    - They have a Call-to-Action (CTA). They never run a campaign without a Call-to-Action
    - Optimisation of efforts. They constantly optimise the efforts and do what needs to be done to fine tune the campaign effectiveness. A regular Brainstorming meeting in agencies helps in generating new ideas which can be used in future for the upcoming campaigns.

    Here is a list of Brands for whom the Digital Marketing is paying off:
    • Cadbury UK - Cadbury UK is one of the leading Brands with a strong Digital media presence with about 2.6 million Likes on Facebook, 140K+ followers on Twitter. They have very engaged followers with the number of Likes (for a post), Comments and Shares averaging to 1000+ per post.
      Factors behind success - The Strength of the Brand with followers who are passionate about Cadbury Chocolates.
      Starbucks UK - StarbucksUK ranks next in positioning itself as one of the best Brands in the Digital space with about 1million Likes on facebook and 200K+ followers on twitter. The rate of engagement is 1000+ per post on the various Social media platforms.
      Factors influencing the success - StartbucksUK use Social Media as a platform for Customer Service and they provide a great customer service. They are quick and responsive to customer queries and concerns.
    • TopShop - TopShop is another Brand that ranks high on Social Media. It has about 1.3 million Likes on Facebook and ranks number two on Twitter list. The Brand is very active on Facebook by posting the content in a regular manner. They also share a link along with visuals on their wall. The posts have diverse topics on Fashion and Apparel, Style Conversations and new product announcement. The Community is very active with the participation of the people and it grows organically on facebook.

      Reasons for success - For TopShop, Facebook is a "Faceboon". They use Facebook Wall intelligently to interact with its fans/customers. This offers them more room to engage with the customers and also offer Customer Service wherever necessary.
    • Newlook - Newlook, another apparel Brand that has a strong Social media presence with 2million facebook likes and extremely engaged users. They clearly mention on their facebook page that "The wall will be open for comments between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday". This has a significant impact on the overall engagement of the users (on an average there are about 50+ likes which is relatively low for a strong brand like Newlook).

      Factors behind the success - They post great content. However, the engagement level is low probably because of the restriction they have in terms of timings during when the post should be made on the wall.
    Here are 3 instances of successful Digital Marketing Campaigns in UK run by Digital Marketing Agencies and the key takeaways from those campaigns:

    a) Cash Converters Online marketing campaign:
    Cash Converters, a High Street retailer in UK run a series of Digital and offline marketing campaigns that proved to be successful in the marketing space. Cash Converters specialises in pre-owned goods and financial services was also a finalist in the Best Website category at the Franchise Marketing Awards 2013.
    The campaign focus areas were:
    • Building brand awareness online
    • Customer Acquisition
    • Customer Retention
    The campaign leveraged the key events in the year like Wimbledon, the European Football Championships, The Queens Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics and Paralympics for promotion. It also created viral games which gave the people a chance to win.

    It turned out to be a huge success with tweets containing the #TashConverters generating 600K+ impressions and a weekly average reach of 100K+.

    b) Bodyform:
    Bodyform (which is not a well-known Brand) proved an unexpected hit on YouTube. On the Brand's facebook page a man posted angrily about the brand's depiction about women. This post started getting more comments, likes and shares. In response to that Bodyform, with the help of a Digital marketing agency came up with a video response (wherein the CEO of Bodyform (fake) speaks to the audience to respond to that comment). Social media did the rest and the video went viral; it gained 3.9 million views on YouTube. This proved to be a success and helped in building the brand image for Bodyform.

    c) P&G - Thank you mom:
    Procter & Gamble's global ad campaign for the Olympics proved to be one of the best digital ads that received a 50K+ views on Youtube. It is a heart melting commercial portraying that the greatest job in the world is being a mum. Here are few words from the video...

    "The hardest job in The World,
    Is the best job in The World.
    Thank you, Mom!"

    So, from the above instances we can infer that it is not just because of the location (London) the best digital marketing agencies are best it is also because of the various strategies and action which they take while running a digital marketing campaign for brands.

    d) Ronaldinho: Touch of Gold (Nike):
    One of the truly successful Viral Marketing Campaigns of all time is from Nike. This campaign attracted 900K+ views and 500+ comments. Watch them here...

    e) Dynamite Surfing (Quicksilver):
    The viral advert Quicksilver received about 10 million page views on Youtube with 1500+ comments. This is one of the most engaging and viral advert on the Web that received such high views in such a short period of time. Watch for yourself...

    While the Digital Marketing campaigns that are run by Brands would be successful when they follow the strategies mentioned above. But what brings the best campaign result is by truly "Unifying" the various marketing methods. This brings measurable business outcomes through a blended methodology, expertly unifying multiple digital marketing techniques, automating and managing them with a sophisticated technology platform and applying metrics and analytics into an advanced brand and marketing management programme.

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