April 18, 2013

Moving from Integrated Marketing to Unified Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Is your Digital Marketing Agency offers to do Integrated Marketing? Then, ask what more can they do. In todays marketing world, both Consumer brands and B2B brands are expanding their budgets on the digital medium. Most of the Brands have a Digital media presence and integration happens at all levels - for instance, giving the URL/facebook page link on an offline Ad or mentioning the QR codes on the print magazine etc. Now the question is, is this integration enough or do the brands need something more?

Unified Digital Marketing goes beyond a simple integration. The best results are seen when all marketing is planned and executed synergistically - online, in print and in person - and when marketing is properly coordinated with other parts of the business - sales, customer service, R&D / NPD etc. This way brands can maintain consistency in delivering their message across various channels. This can happen only if the Marketing is blended with Technology.

Due to the lack of proper technology organisations have hard time maintaining quality information that could be useful for the employees. This results in a lack of proper co-ordination and thus inconsistency in the overall messaging.

Organisations can resolve this by:
  • Updating databases regularly
  • Offering training on the technology for the employees
  • Training when a new media pops up
By Unifying the technology with marketing organisations can ease the work of managers (as they don't have to focus upon IT and can be focused just on their core activity) and thereby increasing the consistency in messaging.

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