April 23, 2013

The Unified Digital Marketing approach for B2C business

Unified Digital Marketing

According to research by TVtechnology, while the traditional media is still being used as a primary media for advertising and sales the digital media grows at a rapid rate. The spending on native social advertising will grow to $3.9 billion in 2016.

A variety of forces influence the shift into Digital, including rapid Social Mobile consumer usage growth, active growth of Social media platforms due to the usage, attractive User Interface of the platforms and the support on smartphones etc. This being the case, Brands should start recognizing this shift and start making the Digital channel as the primary marketing channel.

However, Brands are still focused upon Traditional media channels like Banner Ads, Television etc. With Unified Digital Marketing, Brands could make Digital marketing spending as the primary medium of choice for investment and make the traditional media the secondary one. For instance, Brands could completely stop investing in Display Advertising and replace them with Social Advertising - Brand advertising integrated with the Social media experience for the consumers. Brands must also work only with Digital Marketing Agencies who would support their customers (Brands) by offering cost effective digital marketing solutions.

The Unified Marketing is a framework that goes beyond the integrated marketing and offers a complete unification. Unified Digital Marketing plots all the marketing tactics against customer information needs and identified redundancies and gaps in marketing spending. Organisations can do this only if various teams have the right information. Within large organisations the information would be in Silos i.e., various people would create and update new information. If they are not unified then it would have a harmful effect while serving a customer. For instance, imagine a scenario wherein a Customer gets duplicate e-Newsletters. This scenario shows the "lack of" unification. Consider another scenario of Unified Marketing in a B2C environment - a new user signing up for e-Newsletter with a company, then immediately the company connects with the customer on twitter and sends a newsletter to the customer inbox. This is possible only in perfect synergy between various departments in sharing information and accessing them.

In a true Unification, Digital Marketing goes way beyond the Integrated Marketing. It is truly an integration of technology and marketing coupled with timely communication that brings the result. A true Unification can make wonders by significantly increasing the ROI in a B2C environment. A consumer would feel valued and engaged with a Brand. This would offer a enable the consumer to buy more.

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