April 30, 2013

Top 3 Best Digital Marketing campaigns in UK

The United Kingdom has come up with some of the best Digital Marketing Campaigns in 2010, 2011 & 2012. Here are the top 3 campaigns we picked from various campaigns in the 3 years.

TBWA/Manchester with Co-operative Join the revolution:
In an effort to increase the engagement with Co-operative a multi-platform campaign called "Join the Revolution" was created. The multi-platform created by TBWA Manchester spans TV, press and Social Media.

While running the campaign Co-op asks the consumers to "join the revolution" and brings itself as one of the UK's most socially responsible businesses. The ad involves a 60-second TV ad that encourages consumers towards a sustainable future. The ad describes the first successful co-operative, which was launched about 150 years ago in 1844. The heart of multi-channel campaign is a web portal that is search engine optimised and Social media integrated. It aims to enhance the reputation through the Media as the website remains the voice of the campaign.

This campaign was the winner of Best Digital Marketing Campaign 2012 and the judges were impressed about the way the Social Media and Search drove traffic to the web portal and about the overall success of the campaign; the success is measured by the response of the consumers to the campaign.

Multichannel Marketing

Cobra Beer national curry week
Cobra is the title sponsor of National Curry Week (NCW), which runs in November every year. In 2010, in an effort to reinforce the ties with Indian Cuisine cobra beer worked towards dominating the web by increasing the web traffic and also the brand awareness on the web.

The organisation leveraged the four methods of Digital marketing to run the campaign and drive traffic - PPC, Facebook Advertising, Blog and Email Marketing.

The overall campaign was hugely successful with the following results:
  • Cobrabeer.com attracted 100,000 visits per month during the campaign
  • Facebook Ad campaign generated 679 clicks
  • The percentage of emails opened and clicked were 30%
This campaign was shortlisted for 2011 Best Digital Marketing awards.

Wonderbra campaign - Ultimate Strapless
The Wonderbra is truly a wonder Digital Marketing campaign that generated record Sales simply through Social Media Marketing. The wonderbra campaign built momentum and spread word in a more targeted and efficient way simply by creating a microsite and executing a Digital Marketing for the same. This made them the winner of the Best Digital Marketing Campaigns 2010, a well-deserved one.

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