May 23, 2013

Unified Digital Marketing Strategy: The 3Cs explained

If any Digital Marketing Agency approaches you and say that they can offer a "Unified Marketing" program for your company, ask them the following 3 questions:
  • How often can you generate digital content for a Brand?
  • What technology do you have to unify?
  • What is your strategy to connect better with the customers?
As we have emphasised in our previous articles and web content, the Unified Digital Marketing is an approach to marketing that uses all marketing channels including Social Media and technology to offer consistent Brand message for the customers.
Unified Digital Marketing Strategy: The 3Cs explained
This is primarily based upon the Integrated Marketing approach where the Brand messaging across all the channels are kept consistent by integrating the offline and online channels. For instance, sharing the Web URL or a Brand Facebook page link in an offline Brand Advertisement. With Unified Digital Marketing approach this is taken a step further by connecting personally with the customers across all the Digital channels.

In order to run a successful Unified Digital Marketing program, Brands (or) Digital Marketing Agencies must adhere to the following 3Cs (Content, Communication and Connection) during their campaign consistently on a daily basis. Here is how 3Cs can be applied to Brands...
  1. Content - Brands should produce text and visual content for the website and social media on a daily basis to connect with the audience. This would also add credibility to the Brand in the minds of the users. While providing content for the users it is vital to ensure that the content is fresh, unique and also in CONTEXT. When it comes to Unified Digital Marketing, Content in right CONTEXT is the king. For instance, Brands can analyse the habit of the user on Facebook and provide Facebook content on the Brand Facebook page relevant to the user's taste. This would keep the user's interest alive. So, the bottom-line for an effective Content is offer right content at the right time.
  2. Communication - Once the Content is ready, it is vital for the Brand to say it out. Brands connect themselves better by communicating with the customers. It is not just about communicating the content but also about communicating effectively in context. For instance, when a Customer signs up for a newsletter in an offline retail showroom and if s/he receives a Newsletter instantly then it will keep the customer interested. So, the responsiveness while communicating with customer will establish better connection.
  3. Connection - Apart from producing valuable content and communicating with the customers, Brands should also establish connection on a daily basis. Constantly making efforts to increase followers, likes and connections will help in enhancing the Brand value. That said, only a fraction of the connections really contribute to the Brand value. It is necessary to identify those connections and keep them interested.
The 3C Rhythm of the Unified Digital Marketing is explained in this article. Another important aspect of an effective Unified Digital Marketing is Data. Having the right information about the customers will help in effective unification of marketing and customer service.

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