UnifiedM is both a concept and a service. The "M" stands for marketing, in its broadest sense, and "Unified" denotes the fact that our service is based on a model or paradigm that creates a fusion of all aspects of the marketing mix.

The concept of "UnifiedM" places digital marketing and digital assets at the centre of our strategy and is based on the premise that individual marketing elements, when deployed in combinations around a central strategic focus or message, can deliver value to a client which is greater than the sum of the individual parts (ie: if these marketing elements were deployed in isolation).

Our service recognises that a very high percentage of marketing communications activity today, either directly or indirectly, drives audiences into the digital channel - either to learn more about a brand, engage with that brand or take active steps towards buying products or services. We also know that digital techniques can be successfully applied to build client value over time.

UnifiedM is a complete marketing service that delivers its true value through combining a range of elements within its delivery.

 Engagement Team